Be Aware: Plan and Book Ahead This Summer!

Sep 3, 2022Activities, Dining, Stargazing, Travel Tips

Warning – plan ahead this summer!

So after a fabulous trip to Queenstown I have to reiterate what some of you already likely know – it very much applies to Tekapo. You MUST book ahead for your dinners and stargazing this summer, October to April 2022/2023. This is particularly pertinent for weekends, holidays and pretty much any other time.

This is because since the pandemic everyone is short staffed and there is huge pressure currently on hospitality in NZ (I don’t know where all the staff went but in Tekapo’s case I suspect back to South America – we miss you all!).

Here is a list of restaurants and stargazing opportunities in our area, so you can book ahead and smugly watch everyone else get turned away while you are enjoying your dinner – ha ha.


Stargazing Options

Dinner Options

Lunch Options

  • Jack Rabbit
  • Greedy Cow
  • Astro Cafe
  • Four Square for Picnic Food
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Starry Nights in Tekapo

Starry Nights in Tekapo

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